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BONFACE - DAY 2: skin and circulation of the face

Welcome to the second day of BONFACE, today we talk about leather.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of our body?!

It is made up of a multitude of layers:

  • EPIDERMIS: superficial layer - protects the lower layers.
  • DERMA: substrate - contains 2 important proteins: Collagen and Elastin.
  • HYPODERMA: lower layer

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It is the time for regeneration of healthy skin. However, the more we get older, the more the process slows down (40/50 days) and the cell layers accumulate, leaving the skin impoverished and hardened. That's why a good circulation is the key!

BONFACE facial gymnastics and self-massage exercises work on all skin layers sstimulating circulation, strengthening muscles and promoting cellular metabolism.

circolazione bonface ossigeno aspetto più giovale pelle viso faccia 

For healthy and glowing skin we just have to try the second BONFACE workout right away!

 Remember what you need:

  1. MIRROR to check movements
  2. INTENTION of wanting to change your face for the better
  3. CAMERA to take the Before/After picture
  4. CREAM/OIL to moisturize the face
  5. PASSION e CONFIDENCE of the path 

Click BOOTCAMP DAY 2/28 to watch the second video tutorial or access IGTV on Bonel Misurina's Instagram page!

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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