Lake Misurina

Lake Misurina, a precious gem at the foot of the iconic Tre Cime di Lavaredo, is a true refuge of nature, appreciated for its superior quality crystalline air. Immersed in the heart of the Dolomites, it is one of only three European Centers recognized for its ability to relieve respiratory ailments. Right here is the Pio XII Institute, a Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Respiratory Diseases.
Thanks to the mild climate and incomparable environmental conditions, Misurina offers an opportunity for natural healing for patients affected by lung diseases, asthma and allergies, where the use of drugs can be reduced or, in some cases, even avoided.


The air in Misurina is of high quality thanks to its altitude, the local ecosystem and the correct humidity, which create an ideal environment to ensure reduced exposure to allergens and environmental pollutants. An air so pure as to be the subject of studies and researches which certify its therapeutic efficacy.


Another precious treasure of the area, escaped time and contamination. Coming from an uncontaminated spring located in Pian dei Spiriti, the water of Misurina is enriched with minerals and oxygen, giving life to a real elixir. Thanks to its exceptional purity and the presence of distinctive elements of the Dolomites such as iron, magnesium, silicon and potassium, water has been chosen as the basic ingredient for the cosmetic formulations of Bonel Misurina, allowing to create products that they guarantee unparalleled freshness and luminosity for your skin.


The woods and forests surrounding Misurina, populated by conifers such as larch, fir, stone pine and mountain pine, are open and bright spaces, rich in oxygen and with a low impact of pollen and allergens. Through its natural essences, its products derived from a totally circular economy, the sustainability of its processes and the continuous promotion of awareness and the importance of the man-nature relationship, Bonel seeks to recreate the ancient bond between man and nature, gone lost in the last centuries.


The enchantment of nature that surrounds Lake Misurina inspires us in the search for sustainability and enhancement of natural resources.

Not only is Bonel Misurina inspired by the beauty of the place, but she embraces it with passion and dedication, committing to preserve the delicate environmental balance and working in full compliance with the principles of sustainability and circular economy for the production of its products.

The Pearl of Cadore

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