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Turn on your light and discover your sun "breathing the mountain" - the events of June

Light. She has always exerted a great fascination on man: that of the stars, that of the moon, that of fire. Sparks that ignited his curiosity and determined his well-being. Since the beginning of time light has accompanied man's life: guiding him in his growth, accompanying him in the most audacious undertakings, such as setting sail with a ship to discover the most remote borders or set off for the horizon to see where the base line turns. The man raises his face to the sky in search of a light that will be able to lead him, a trail that will be able to direct him: light of answers. 

il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel

That of the sun in particular, of a direct sun, a powerful sun: this light here is the one I like best. That blinds, that you can't really look at, but only observe secretly. I put a hand up to shield the view, but I spied between my fingers, with one eye closed and the other only half open, with my forehead narrowed in an expression of study: from those cracks I tried to guess the intensity of that sphere. I like that direct light, the one that burns the skin, which leaves the gaze cloudy and studs the view with dots whirling between the sharp and pointed shadows that he defines on the ground.

Loaded with energy to spend during the same day and as charged as tired and when night falls, all the warmth given is recovered between a few shivers. 

il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel

I waited for her all winter. In the mountains, for long months, the panoramas light up with a  oblique, timid, late light: it wakes up in the late morning and gives way to darkness in the early afternoon. It is reflected diffusely and gently rounds off without defining: everything is white and endless, each line becomes soft like the soft snow that covers the ground.

“In every person there is a sun. Just let it shine”


il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel

Days go by and everything changes. The snow melts and leaves room for small gems and sprouts: seeds that it has kept and that it is now ready to discover. Woods and meadows turn bright green, the animals roam peacefully around us. The June sun rises early and gives long days: long hours to spend on the paths, allowing to stop and watch it set, returning home anyway in a semi-darkness that makes our step safe. Thus it gives the possibility of rediscovering the light that also dwells within us with a complete awakening: energetic and strong, our body responds to the stimuli it receives from all of nature in full activity that surrounds it. 

il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel

The summer edition of our event was born from this desire to experience the sun and its effects: three days to give space and voice to the energy of the summer , celebrating the warmest and brightest time of the year. Yoga in nature, breathing and an adventurous walk at sunset will accompany us in the rediscovery of this teeming life.

Il Respiro della Montagna offers two dates for the first two weekends of June: 4, 5 and 6  June and 11, 12, 13 June.

il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel

If you want to rekindle that divine flame in you, welcome this new season and get ready to donate your fruits...

We are waiting for you to Breathe with us!

il respiro della montagna misurina aria bonair bonel giorgia costenaro

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