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BONFACE - DAY 1: the bootcamp for a perfect face!

Hi, I'm Chiara Bonel and as the founder of Bonel Misurina, I enthusiastically present to you the first chapter of a series of themes designed for you in the name of well-being.

Holistic massage, yoga, walks in the woods are a taste of this journey which has the objective sharing benefits for body and mind in harmony with nature.

The first stage of this journey leads us to get to know our face better and the techniques for massaging and training it.. you got it right, training it.

Just like for the physique, at the base there are training and continuity. Regularly activating the muscles of the face through targeted exercises serves to draw blood, activating the physiological processes that lead to a  healthier, toned and brighter face.

BONFACE - the bootcamp for a perfect face!

BONFACE trattamento intenso viso perfetto massaggio yoga allenamento

WHAT IS IT? A 28-day intensive program for your face.

HOW DOES IT WORK? you learn exercises every day to tone and brighten the skin.

HOW LONG? it takes just 10 minutes!

WHY? The benefits are endless...

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First of all, however, let's get to know our HEAD:

  • hosts the BRAIN: the control center of our body
  • includes the FACE: tells others who we are and how we feel
  • from here comes the VOICE: with which we communicate with the rest of the world
  • hosts 4 of the 5 SENSES: sight, hearing, taste and smell
  • contains the entrance to the  RESPIRATORY and DIGESTIVE systems: vital functions for man

Now that we know what important area we are covering, let's start with the first session of BONFACE!

Bonface occorrente cosa serve per cominciare selfie specchio crema 10 minuti



Take a photo of your face now, it will be imported after 28 days view with highlights how much better your skin will have changed. Now, let's go!


Click on BONFACE DAY 1 and you will find a video-tutorial on Instagram (IGTV section) with the facial maneuvers of the day!

That's all for today, see you tomorrow for the second appointment with BONFACE!

chiara bonel imprenditrice naturale massaggiatore olistico sportivo

Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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