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BONFACE - DAY 11: Cheeks and Cheekbones

Cheeks and cheekbones are essential elements for the harmony of the face and it is very important to observe them both in their static phase (when they are rest) and in the  dynamic phase  (for example when we smile or eat).  

  • The CHEEKS are muscular-membranous formations between the jaw and jaw.
  • The CHEEKOMAS are composed of a bone support covered by soft tissue (skin and fat).  


The minor and major zygomatic are the main muscles of the smile. In this area we find very thin muscles that start from the area of ​​the ears reaching up to the upper lip and hold up the whole area of ​​the cheeks determining the definition of the oval of the face.  

The muscles involved in the area are:


bonface muscoli masticatori massetere zigomi guance faccia rughe bocca


Masseter and Pterygoid are the c. d masticatory muscles which basically allow us to eat, swallow e speak.

Their intense activity makes them prone to tension causing pain on palpation: i c. d  Trigger Point.

The factor most associated with these tensions is stress, which leads us to tighten the jaw against the jaw while always keeping the muscles active chewers. This pain can radiate up to the head, neck, ear and back (it often also has bruxism).

bonface trigger point massaggio viso mascella mandibola massetere stress bruxismo mal di testa zigomi tensioni dolore guance denti orecchie

It is therefore essential to bring relaxation in this area to avoid tensions that compromise other parts of the face. Stress always leads, with the passage of time, to the reduction of the distance between the tip of the nose and the chin.


The lack of elasticity and muscle tone in the cheeks generates a loss of definition of the oval and blemishes such as nasolabial folds.

  • NASOLABBAL WRINKLES - also known as  laugh and smile lines. They run along the walls of the mouth becoming deep and long over time.
  • SAGGING CHEEKS - loss of fat in the cheeks with age. This skeletalisation of the face accentuates aging and gives a particularly tired and suffering look.

bonface guance zigomi rughe pieghe solchi nasolabiali cadente bocca giù vecchiaia tono


BONFACE exercises help shape the face, attenuate and prevent sagging of the cheeks downward and sagging at the sides of mouth and chin.

However, as we know, not all faces are equal, some are long and thin, others are rounder and fuller. That's why I've prepared some exercises that work specifically on two types of face:

  • FLESHY FACE - with the aim of thin the cheeks
  • BONY FACE - with the aim of volumizing the cheekbones

Be careful, the shape of your face is not necessarily connected to the proportions of your body. So be sure to identify your face type in order to perform the most suitable exercises for you.

Now I'll leave you with the video BONFACE DAY 11/28 specific for this area - you will find two special exercises, one for slender cheeks (ES. 3) and one for defined cheekbones (ES. 4) good training! 

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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