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BONFACE - DAY 14: Neck and Décolleté

Let's talk about the part of the body that goes down from the chin to the breast. Often neck and décolleté reveal a person's age long before the face, which is usually helped by make-up.

It is therefore important to take care of it to keep it young for as long as possible.


The neck has the task of balancing the head with respect to the movements of the body. Keeping it tonic and flexible allows you to strengthen the epidermis, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and eliminate tension.

The main muscles of this area are:


bonface massaggio viso anatomia collo spalle trapezio scaleni sternocleido-mastoidei clavicola pettorali

Many of these muscles probably do not know them by name but concern the neck and shoulder area which often creates pain of various nature.

I therefore dedicate a little insight that will be invaluable for you to understand them! 

  • PLATISMA - thin and flat muscle, returns the head to its place in the case the neck undergoes a sudden flexion backwards. It's an ancient muscle and we originally needed it to growl. try it and you will guess it! = )
  • STERNOCLEIDO-MASTOID - muscles of the rotation and flexion of the head and neck.
  • SCALENI - allow the lateral inclination of the head. They are known for their propensity to project pain.
  • TRAPEZI - rather large, they are the most superficial muscles of the posterior region of the neck. They welcome the main daily tensions, and if massaged they give great relief.
  • SUBCLAVIUS - fixes the clavicle and, even if small, can refer pain in a large area.
  • PECTORALIS MAJOR - concerns the area of ​​the chest, plays an important role in the alignment postulate.

bonface massaggio viso collo décolleté spalle scapole trapezi scaleni platisma cervicale


The neck and décolleté are one of the most delicate parts of the body: in fact, in this area the skin is thinner thinner than elsewhere as there is little connective tissue and subcutaneous fat .

Wrinkles therefore form earlier, also because the skin in this area is highly stressed by continuous head movements.  

The risk of a porcelain face on a "tortoiseshell" neck can appear just after the age of 30. The basic rule is therefore to take care of it as much as the face.

bonface collo a tartaruga neck massaggio viso face gym rughe inestetismi invecchiamento collagene tessuto connettivale


The neck area needs to be hydrated, massaged and plumped like your face. BONFACE exercises combine stretching with neck massages in order to "smooth" the tissues and ensure muscle relaxation.  

  • STRETCHING - stress and muscle tension lead to stiffening of the neck and décollaté, it is therefore essential to perform exercises of  stretching to warm up and soften the muscles.  This also puts you in a nice, relaxed state of mind.   

bonface massaggio viso yoga stretching riscaldamento spalle collo relax muscoli

  • CERVICAL MASSAGE - relaxing the muscles gives immense benefits, follow these steps and you will find a great sense of well-being:
  1. Start massaging the neck and shoulders with maneuvers light - use your fingertips to loosen and prepare the area.
  2. Proceed towards the points of greatest pain and contracture (by touch you can easily perceive where the muscles are particularly tense and contracted, noting how some small pellets or overlapping of the fibres).
  3. Perform maneuvers of kneading and movements circular long neck and shoulders .
  4. Once the area has warmed up, go deeper increasing the pressure (always respecting your pain threshold).

Recommend: use all parts of the hand when giving a massage:

  • i inches for a pressure concentrated at the tension nodes.
  • i palms for light pressure on larger areas.
  • the fingertips for firmer pressure.
  • the knuckles on particularly tense muscles.

massaggio cervicale rughe massaggio viso bonface cervicale trigger point tensioni contusioni contratture spalle


Remember that in order to have a nice neck and décolleté, it is also necessary to adopt a correct posture, both of the neck and of the body in general.

In this regard, keep in mind two important concepts: Proprioception e Visualization.

PROPRIOCEPTION - it is our "sixth sense" and it is the ability to  perceive the muscles and recognize the position of our body in space. Currently underestimated but increasingly relevant in some medical doctrines, it becomes indispensable for training well, having more control in our movements, preventing strains and giving us a better posture.

propriocezione sesto senso bonface faccia viso postura percezione corpo muscoli spazio

VISUALIZATION - is a mental process where one imagines the execution of an exercise in its entirety before even doing it for real.

Traditionally the yoga masters suggested to their students to anticipate the movement they were about to make in their imagination, in this way the the pupil participated wholeheartedly in the practice, making his movements more precise and “centred”. Also for us therefore, the more we visualize, the clearer our goal is and the more effective our movement will be.


Finally, don't forget this tip!

Night rest is not only synonymous with relaxation, but it is decisive in the formation of marked signs in our body.  Sleeping on one side favors the formation of c. d  sleep wrinkles, which affect the area between the two breasts. It is therefore very important to force ourselves to sleep in the supine position (belly up). your décolleté will thank you!

bonface massaggio viso faccia dormire supini pancia in sù rughe seno pieghe inestetismi bonface

Now don't miss the video BONFACE DAY 14/28 specific for the neck! 

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