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BONFACE - DAY 16: Acupressure

Acupressure is a technique originating in Chinese medicine.


It is based on the ancient science of acupuncture, where by stimulating precise points it is possible to favor an energy rebalancing and the body's natural predisposition to  healing. In our case, instead of needles, we use our fingers!

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Acupressure is applied at the c. d  meridians: those points where, according to Chinese medicine, the vital force fundamental to our well-being flows.

The pressure exerted by the fingers restores the energy flow where this is not optimal, stimulating the  QI - "the breath of life" that is, the energetic power that flows within us.

Just from an energy point of view, the face is particularly exposed to the manifestation of turbulence both physical and emotional, which manifest themselves with anomalies in blood circulation and qi.

According to Chinese medicine, the luminosity and tone of the skin on the face are manifestations of a condition of internal balance which involves our energy. Therefore, it shouldn't be the wrinkles that worry us but the energy imbalance that possibly caused them.

bonface massaggio viso faccia organi agopuntura acupressure medicina cinese dita polpastrelli luce qi


Applying pressure in a given point can act on a certain organ thus offering various benefits:

  • releases the tensions accumulated
  • increases circulation blood
  • reduces pain and stress
  • generates a deep relaxation 


With our fingers, we press precise points on the face which, if stimulated, activate the nerve endings, acting positively on the corresponding organ and consequently on the face.

massaggio viso bonface faccia organi meridiani pelle agopuntura stimolazione polpastrelli mani indici

The result is surprising and above all almost immediate! The skin appears immediately regenerated, the eyes bright, the features relaxed.

Read the following instructions to perform the exercise correctly:

    • use i fingertips, no nails
    • be precise in entering the points 
    • do not apply cream/oil on the face as, by acting on energy, it attenuates the effect of exercise on energy channels
    • exhale when you press, do not hold your breath
    • listen your body and if you feel pain, press more lightly.
    • at the end, leave your face clean for 15 minutes, then wash your face with cold water.


The face is represented as a map of health: "Mien Shiang" literally "face reading" is the original name of this practice which is over 3000 years old. In the following image you can see in detail the (simplified) Face-Organs connection.

mappa facciale bonface massaggio viso digitopressione faccia organi reni polmoni cuore intestino pancreas



Acupressure sends the skin a message of self-repair, improves microcirculation and cell oxygenation, making the skin more relaxed and luminous. The texture of the face takes on a more compact appearance and the skin appears more elastic.

If acupressure becomes a constant in your daily facial routine, you will achieve extraordinary results that affect the whole body!  

Beside acupressure, my suggestion is to end the practice with the last two exercises: Tapping and Energy Maneuver.


This "tapping" technique with fingers running along the head and neck not only relaxes you but mentally centers you.

bonface massaggio viso faccia tapping energia chakra meridiani qi


Conclude your acupressure practice rubbing your hands against each other and, closing your eyes, bring them close to your face at a distance by 2/3 cm for about 20 seconds… finally slide your hands along the hair and relax. your skin and your whole body will thank you!

Now warm up your fingertips and try your hand at the video BONFACE DAY 16/28 !

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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