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BONFACE - DAY 24: Ayurvedic Face Massage

Ayurvèda (in Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद) is the ancient traditional medicine of Indian origin.

bonface ayurveda massaggio viso dosha marma india facciale

His word is composed of ayur (longevity), and veda (revealed knowledge). It could therefore be defined as  "the science of long life" but that would be too trivial a meaning for a complex and all-encompassing medical system as it is.

Caraka Samhita - the oldest Ayurvedic medicine treatise - defines it as follows: 

"Ayurveda is called what describes a beneficial and harmful, happy and unhappy life, what is favorable or unfavorable for life, the measure of life and life itself .

The logic of traditional Ayurvedic treatment has as its objective the rebalancing of the Three Doshas which, when unbalanced, compromise our psychophysical balance, manifesting itself on every level: physical, mental and emotional.  

bonface ayurveda massaggio viso dosha marma india facciale olio caldo

In Ayurveda, massage is a essential practice for health and beautyrecommended to all as a fundamental part of daily life. Just as we eat and sleep, every day we should take care of ourselves and our health by performing massages, or self-massages, on the whole body.

In Ayurveda there are many types of treatments which can be divided into:

  • Anga-abhyanga - treatments partial (su a single part of the body)
  • Sarvanga-abhyanga - complete treatments (all over the body)

Ayurvedic facial massage is called: Mukhabhyangam.


Ayurveda attributes great importance to the face, as it contains the 5 sense organs and is home to points called marma (centres of vital energy).

bonface ayurveda massaggio viso dosha marma india facciale

It is a very pleasant treatment which, by stimulating the marmas, goes deeper with the aim of rebalancing the Three Doshas.  

I Dosha are 3 types of bio-energies present in our body and mind which manifest themselves on the skin as follows:

  • VATA - element Air-Ether - dry skin
  • PITTA - element Water-Fire - reddening skin
  • KAPHA - element Earth-Water - greasy skin

The face externally manifests our deepest internal state. Above all, the skin is capable of expressing any imbalance of the Doshas, ​​and therefore the face itself is the starting point for rebalancing them.


The main purpose of Ayurvedic facial massage is to act on the deepest layers, reactivate circulation , releasing tension, strengthening the tissues, and above all sending precise messages to the physiology.

The benefits of Ayurvedic facial massage are many. Here are the main ones:

  • The skin is brighter and more elastic
  • Un general muscle relaxation
  • Le wrinkles less evident
  • Stimulation of collagens and elastin
  • Relaxation of thejaw
  • general relaxation of the body
  • Increase in concentration

bonface ayurveda massaggio viso dosha marma india facciale


On clean, dry skin, the Ayurvedic facial massage begins with an abundant oleation. The oil must be hot.

Choose the most suitable according to your skin-dosha:

  • Pitta: coconut or sandalwood oil
  • Vata: almond oil or wheat germ
  • Kapha: jojoba or sesame oil 

* Taila is the Ayurvedic oil par excellence - tridoshico: suitable for all three doshas.

Start from the head by placing a spoonful of hot oil on the scalp and massage vigorously, heating the whole area.

Move to the face and ears, massaging more gently and start rubbing the neck with up and down movements.

Concentrate on the points marma applying pressure to them with the index finger followed by circular movements.

Once the massage is over, which generally lasts 15 minutes, the ideal thing is to take a good bath or shower to expel all impurities.

In addition to being an exceptional technique for maintaining good health, Ayurvedic self-massage is above all an act of love for oneself.  

chiara bonel imprenditrice naturale massaggiatore olistico sportivo

Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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