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BONFACE - DAY 27: Facial Yoga

The Face Yoga is a facial workout developed by Fumiko Takatsu, former Japanese teacher now a real star in USA.

bonface bootcamp face yoga facciale pelle muscoli faccia viso rughe

It is a set of daily poses and exercises that originate from yoga and which aim at the health of the face and body alongside mental well-being.

The muscles of the face are almost 60 and exactly like those of the body they need to be trained and toned. The result is immediately brighter and more oxygenated skin and, in the medium term, a less tired face with reduced wrinkles.


This particular gymnastics acts through exercises and breathing, reducing tension and relaxing the muscles.

Fumiku Takatsu's treatment is able to stimulate circulation and oxygenation of the skin and at the same time gives self-esteem and love for oneself.

bonface bootcamp face yoga facciale pelle muscoli faccia viso rughe

Just one daily 10-minute session to firm up muscles and tissues, making it possible to compensate for loss of volume, to reduce wrinkles and dark circles and to make the face younger.


Facial yoga gives great beneficial effects to the face and mood.

Among the main advantages of Face Yoga we mention:

  • Attenuation of wrinkles
  • Elimination of "crow's feet"
  • Relaxation of the forehead muscles
  • Firming of the cheekbones
  • Toning of the oval of the face
  • Elimination of the so-called “barcode”
  • Elasticity of the neck and décolleté skin 

Furthermore, through its practice it is possible to correct vices of facial expressions as well as some aesthetic defects, such as asymmetries, working specifically on certain muscles.

bonface bootcamp face yoga facciale pelle muscoli faccia viso rughe


The ways to put the exercises into practice are different. It is fundamental first of all to bring relaxation to the tissues, starting with a pleasant warm-up.


Before starting, loosen up your muscles with breathing and stretching exercises.


Then continue with the poses in this direction:

  1. FRONT
  2. EYES
  4. MOUTH
  5. CHIN
  6. NECK


Conclude with a relaxing massage and, as Fumiko Takatsu suggests, remember to love and care for yourself. 

bonface bootcamp face yoga facciale pelle muscoli faccia viso rughe

After a few weeks of Face Yoga your face will appear visibly younger. There is no age to start taking care of your face, but to fully enjoy the benefits of anti-aging facial training follow these tips:

  • Dedicate 10/20 minutes a day to it
  • Follow a varied diet, low in salt and rich in antioxidants
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water or green tea.

Now don't miss this Face Yoga video! = )

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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