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BONFACE - DAY 3: facial muscles and wrinkles

Today we are going to go more specifically into human anatomy and talk about muscles.

In our volto there are almost 60 MUSCLES engaged daily in different actions: talking, smiling, laughing , sulking, kissing, eating.

The muscles that control facial expressions are delicate, small, fine and flat.

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During the day we all activate our muscles unconsciously, consequently also moving the skin on the surface. When a movement repeats itself over time, the skin creates visible lines or indentations, even when the face does not move. Over time, this leads to the formation of wrinkles.


The force of gravity, alas, is one of the main enemies of our face. Gravity pushes down all objects, including our body parts. As time progresses we become "shorter", our back curves and the skin on our face sags. And so, the corners of the mouth start to turn downwards, the nose lengthens, the cheeks sag and the eyelids droop. We're talking about Gravitational Wrinkles.

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Of course, we can't stop time, but these wrinkles can be lightened, reduced or even eliminated if we take care of ourselves, every day, with these goals: 

  • ELASTICITY of fabrics
  • TONINESS of the muscles
  • HYDRATION of the skin

Correcting wrong movements and working constantly, the results will be tangible!

Watch the video of the third treatment: BONFACE DAY 3/28 

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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