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BONFACE - DAY 6: when to massage and which products to use

Among the most common questions I answer for those undertaking the BFB (BONFACE Bootcamp) we certainly find these two:

  1. When is the best time to do the exercises?
  2. With which products do you recommend massaging the skin?


There are essentially two ideal moments of the day: in the morning (as soon as you wake up) and in the evening (before going to bed). Let's look at the respective advantages:


  • awakens the muscles of the face
  • gives more awareness in facial movements during the day 


    • relax body and mind, getting ready for a good rest
    • resets the muscles used during the day 

    Based on your commitments, my advice is to find the moment that suits you best. The important thing is to make BF a daily habit, so every moment is good, even in the shower or on the sofa while watching your favorite tv series. We are used to holding many tensions and emotions on our face, so take every opportunity to take care of it.


      First of all, I specify that the BF exercises must be performed on the face CLEAN e REMOVED.

      In general, I recommend two types of product: a basic moisturizer or a vegetable oil. The choice depends on your taste or your habits, let's see them together:


      The cream has a thicker texture than oil and is creamier. Its strengths are:

      1. penetrates deep into the epidermis
      2. yes dries faster
      3. does not stain clothes

      Password Moisturise, when choosing a moisturizer, check that there are 3 elements in the INCI:

      • humectants: hyaluronic acid, glycerol, urea, PCA
      • water repellent active ingredients
      • emollient active ingredients: ceramides, waxes, triglycerides
      • Avoid: the use of specific serums or creams to perform BF


      I admit, I'm a big fan of vegetable oils because:

      1. purer (they contain fewer ingredients than creams) 
      2. more practical (a few drops are enough to hydrate the face)
      3. they help the skin maintain the right amount of hydration (forming a fatty layer that prevents the water contained in the skin from evaporating)
      Below you will find my suggestions for all skin types:
      • Normal: Almond oil or Argan oil
      • Secca: Avocado oil or Coconut oil
      • Fat: Jojoba oil or Hazelnut oil 
      • Avoid: oils of mineral origin or for children as they do not let the skin breathe, clogging the pores and are highly polluting.

      Once the massage is over, it is good to wash your face and hands again. After that, you can apply all the products from your favorite beauty routine. The treatment just performed will only increase the benefits!

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      P. s Tomorrow I will explain in detail how to apply the products to the face and above all the techniques for giving it the best massage.

      Now enjoy the video BONFACE DAY 6/28 and finally enjoy an energizing TAPPING session! = )

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      Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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