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BONFACE - DAY 7: techniques for massaging the face

Yesterday we discovered which products to use for the BF practice. In particular, we talked about the use of moisturizer and vegetable-based oils.

Today we discover how to apply them on the face and get the best massage possible.


    1. Apply on the palm of the hand
    2. Mix to heat it a little (so the skin will absorb it better)
    3. Apply on 3 larger areas (forehead, cheeks, chin)
    4. Do not rub on the skin, rub gently
    5. Distribute the rest on the delicate areas of eyes and mouth

Important: the massage movement must always be from bottom to top and around the eye from the inside out.


They are virtual lines where the skin is more taut, connected to the passage of the collagen bundles. Do you want to understand where they are? They're hard to see on young skin, but you can spot them by smiling or frowning. Knowing them is useful for performing the massage movements: which must always be from the bottom up and from the center outwards. 

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I conclude this week by introducing the 5 main massage maneuvers classical (Swedish):

  1. Touch 
  2. Rubbing
  3. Clutch 
  4. Percussions
  5. Vibrations

In the coming weeks you will see them in more detail!

Now get ready for the last practice of the first week of bootcamp and access the video BONFACE DAY 7/28 .

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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