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BONFACE - DAY 9: the Forehead

The forehead is a fundamental part of the face, both seen from the front and in profile, because it determines the silhouette of the face together with the nose, lips and chin.


In the forehead, 4 muscles are involved:

  1. FRONT

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Movements of the forehead also engage some muscles of the scalp. The latter, together with the back of the neck, are often chronically contracted, a condition which deprives them of an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. Learning to perceive and coordinate the muscles of the scalp and forehead means learning to relax, thus avoiding annoying headaches or expression lines.


On the forehead we find typical expression lines that appear early in most people. Their incidence largely depends on skin type, habits and facial expressions.

On the forehead we have two types of wrinkles:

  • Horizontal - called frontal - appearing in the middle of the forehead
  • Verticals - called glabellars or “of the thinker” - which appear between the eyebrows

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These wrinkles are caused not only by the bad habit of having a pouty expression but also, more simply, by the decrease in collagen as age progresses.


The BONFACE practice combines facial self-massage maneuvers and facial yoga exercises in order to improve blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of endorphins, and release tension from the muscles.

By practicing a daily forehead massage, you will be able to calm your senses, eliminating headaches, chronic fatigue, eye pressure and nasal congestion.

Last but not least, better blood circulation in these areas can also promote  thicker hair.

There are numerous forehead massages all very easy, which generally involve two movements:

  1. ascending and straightening: in the area between the eyebrows that goes up towards the hairline
  2. stretching: (gentle but deep) from the muscle fibers of the frontalis muscle up to the temples. 

In the following video, I show you the most targeted exercises for the forehead. Click on  BONFACE DAY 9/28 and access the Instagram tutorial! 

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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