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BonPills: What does the sea smell like?

The'smell of the sea and the sea breeze is perhaps one of my favourites, it reminds me when getting out of the car, as soon as I arrived in a seaside resort, it was the first sign of a vacation that has just begun.

But in perfumery how do you recreate the'smell of the sea breeze?

mare profumo pfizer chimica aromaterapia brezza marina

Well, the answer is Calone.

It was discovered during research on molecules derived from some anxiolytics such as Valium.

Three chemists (John J.Beereboom, Donald P. Cameron and Charles R. Stephens) who were working on behalf of the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, yes they came across a molecule with a strong smell of fresh, green leaves, reminiscent of melon.

Pfizer decided to file the patent in 1966 for this molecule that evoked "a smell of the sea with wet scents full of iodine and oxygen" which was then renamed Calone.

During the following twenty years, Calone remained a completely marginal perfume ingredient, trivially used in floral accords to recreate the smell of lily of the valley. Just when the patent expired, Calone entered its golden age: the 1990s.

In this fabulous era great perfumes inspired by the sea were born, which are still enormous successful today. And all starting from a single ingredient: the Calone, the "progenitor" of an entire new olfactory family: that of aquatic fragrances.

To conclude, here are some examples of "Cult" fragrances with sea essence:

Cool Water - Davidoff - 1988 (him)

davidoff cool water acqua brezza di mare
L'Eau d'Issey - Issey Miyake - 1992 (her)
issey miyake profumo acqua anni 90 eau mare
Acqua di Giò - Giorgio Armani - 1996 (him)
acqua di giò giorgio armani eau profumo mare
Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra - Guerlain - 2015 (unisex)
aqua allegoria teazzurra unisex guerlain paris mare marino

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