come indossare profumo consigli corpo collo vestiti pelle

BonPills: How to wear a perfume

Last week we saw how to properly store perfume bottles to maintain all the scent characteristics of the fragrance. In today's BonPills so let's see how to spray the perfume correctly to allow those fragrant notes to spread and enhance to the maximum once worn.

come spruzzare profumo fragranza olfatto pelle vestiti

Each perfume requires its own gestures and, for example, for the dose to apply there are several factors:

  • the intensity of the perfume
  • our taste
  • the moment
  • our mood

However, it should be remembered that current sprays often already dispense a generous quantity of the perfume, so a few sprays are enough.

The perfume can be applied both on the skin and on clothesi, on the skin it will fully evolve into its various fragrances, but be careful, if you tend to sweat a lot this can distort the 'smell of perfume. Clothes are an excellent support but prefer vaporization on fabrics such as wool, cotton or cashmere and avoid spraying the perfume on synthetic fabrics which develop a less pleasant.

L'illustration below - taken from the large manual Le Grand Livre du Parfum" - will help you understand all the ideal areas of the body for applying your perfume, they are usually those most exposed or where blood circulation is more present:

  • neck
  • wrists
  • behind the earlobes
  • behind the knees
  • in the crook of the elbow
  • on the belly

le grand livre du parfum profumo come indossare pelle corpo vestiti collo  

Last advice: avoid rubbing your wrists once the perfume has been applied, this mechanical gesture could damage the perfume molecules causing a change in odor of the fragrance.

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