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BonPills: The ideal water for facial skin

Are you people with such delicate, reddened and sensitive skin that it seems to you that even simple water can hurt you?

It's good to know that there is a big difference between ordinary water, which comes out of the tap, and the so-called "thermal-mineral" waters...let's find out what it is! 

Thermal and mineral waters have three fundamental characteristics: they are microbiologically pure, they derive from a spring and can boast beneficial properties for the skin thanks to their content of trace elements such as calcium, sodium, manganese and zinc which allow a soothing, calming, antipruritic and keratoplastic activity.

Thermal-mineral water, worthy of the name and which can boast the properties described above, must have at least 1g/kg of solids dissolved in it.

The studies supporting its beneficial activities in the treatment of contact dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, ichthyosis and other common skin disorders are numerous and well documented.

The thermal-mineral water, vaporized on the skin, is a real godsend for all people with sensitive, atopic skin that reddens easily causing a constant sense of discomfort.

COUNCIL! Mineral water is a wonderful use instead of soap or ordinary water when cleansing the face. We're especially talking about helping people with sensitive skin and more susceptible to unsightly skin conditions, but even people with normal skin will see the benefits of using mineral water which, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and keratoplasty gives the skin a healthy and luminous appearance!

Believe me if you have problems with your reddened skin sometimes the solution is at hand: a bottle of mineral water in your purse, in the office or in the bathroom to spray on your face when needed, you will draw a immediate and lasting benefit.

Federica Cosmast

Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden

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