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BonPills: Mountain essential oils

Have you ever fallen in love with the scent of a forest or the smell of the resin of a tree? From the typical plants of the woods of the Dolomites it is possible to obtain many substances useful for both mental and physical well-being. Let's briefly see the benefits of essential oils derived from two iconic trees of the mountain: the mountain pine and the silver fir!

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The mountain pine is a pyramidal shrub up to 12 meters tall, with black bark, stiff and hooked needles gathered in bunches and brown cones.

The essential oil is obtained from needles and twigs and has analgesic, antimicrobial, antitussive, antiviral, balsamic, diuretic and expectorant action.

It is one of the favorite essences in perfumery for its peculiar delicacy of fragrance which harmonizes and is enhanced when mixed with the essential oil of cedar, rosemary, lavender, sage and other conifers .

It is precisely thanks to its clean scented notes that it is used in the field of fragrances, and is widely used in the production of toiletries such as detergents and air fresheners.

In ancient times, a preparation based on pine needles was used as a  remedy for various ailments: inhaled, it offered comfort against colds, sinusitis and catarrh, while applied topically, it offered help in the treatment of osteoarticular pain.



The silver fir is a relatively small coniferous tree, with a regular pyramidal shape and silvery-white bark.

Fir is extremely appreciated in the European continent for its medical virtues and for its fragrance and is used above all in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as fever, muscle and bone and joint pain .

The essential oil is extracted from twigs and needles and is non-toxic on the skin.

Its uses are many: in addition to the benefits brought to the respiratory system if inhaled, it is also used on the skin (diluted or placed in creams and ointments) in the treatment of circulatory disorders, arthritis, pain and aches muscles.

Due to its penetrating and characteristic fragrance it is often used as a fragrance component in deodorants, perfumes and cosmetic products.

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