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BonPills: Peppermint essential oil

Essential oils, aromatherapy and plants in general play a very important role in cosmetics. Today, after lavender and myrtle, we see another example of a well-known and easily available plant such as peppermint (Mentha x piperita).

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The common peppermint is a plant often present on our balconies, especially in the summer. The whole plant is extracted by steam distillation the essential oil whose aroma is strong, very recognizable and penetrating. The essential oil of mint, next to that of lavender, is one of the most used for aromatherapy because it is able to promote concentration and counteract stress and nervousness.

The molecule that characterizes its cosmetic properties is menthol and it has the ability to give an instant sense of freshness and to promote microcirculation and the correct venous rhythm, it is in fact used to counteract skin blemishes such as capillaryairs and heavy legs, furthermore the essential mint oil  is used to purify the skin and soothe redness and burns thanks to its anti-inflammatory power.

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