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BonPills: What is an olfactory pyramid

We often hear of the Olfactory Pyramid, today we try to shed a little' light on this perfumed construct. 

We can imagine that a perfume is built according to a pyramid of volatility, whose phases are perceived at different times. There are notes made up of more volatile and other less volatile molecules which therefore take longer to evaporate from our skin.

piramide olfattiva profumo essenze naso olfatto note armonia eau de parfum


The most volatile notes, those that we perceive and which disappear first are defined as the top notes of a perfume. Usually they are fresh and light notes such as citrus, green and ozone notes. They are the first scents we smell and they constitute the'incipit of a perfume and, quoting a beautiful sentence read in a manual, they give us a' idea about your declaration of'intent.

Once these molecules evaporate we arrive at the main smells of the perfume with its heart notes warm and soft that have evaporation times longer and are more persistent on the skin like wood, spices or flowers.

The base notes are the last to appear and have rich, deep nuances and even longer evaporation times. Among these we find, for example, the note of patchouli (very fashionable in perfumes of the 70s), of vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood.

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In a well thought out and balanced creation there'is a pleasant balance between the more volatile and less volatile notes and wearing the fragrance it's like reading a good book, the texture gradually unfolds over time, some ingredients and scents fade, opening up to new notes.

This liquid story is very difficult to obtain if we think that a nose has millions of raw materials available and once chosen, years sometimes pass before finding the right combination between sometimes infinitesimal proportions: it is said that Jean Paul Guerlain made about 1500 attempts in seven years to obtain the perfection of chords in his creation Chamade.

chamade guerlain eau de parfum profumeria nicchia ricerca piramide olfattiva note testa cuore fondo

Even Bonel Botanicals relied on a Nose who skilfully knew how to put together different notes to build olfactory pyramids inspired by the air of the Dolomites! We hope that the texture of its perfumes can accompany you in all moments of your day.

Federica Cosmast

Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden

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