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BonPills: Winter skincare

For this December "beauty pill" let's focus on the characteristics of skin in winter and allow ourselves some pampering to better protect it from the cold.

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Winter is by far the most challenging season for skin conditions. The sudden passage to very low temperatures favors the increase of TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) with the consequent loss of hydration of the stratum corneum and possible skin disorders and dry skin.

This season the watchwords are protect and nourish, so yes to the use of richer creams containing vegetable oils and fats such as shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii butter). Use creams that also have moisturizing molecules such as l'hyaluronic acid, niacinamide or trehalose. Even biomimetic lipids such as ceramides are indicated to promote the well-being of the superficial skin layers and redensify the skin.

If you suffer from skin spots or if you take photosensitizing drugs (such as the contraceptive pill) it is recommended to use sunscreen even in this period.

Winter is the ideal season to fight pre-existing spots with specific products with a high content of exfoliating acids or molecules such as resorcinol (resorcinol) or phenylethyl resorcinol or their substitutes of plant origin such as the bachukiol.

Forthe application of this type of product the evening is the ideal time as some ingredients such as resorcinol are not suitable for'in agreement with the'exposure to the sun and in general in the evening the skin is less exposed to environmental factors .

In this period, the skin needs extra care and pampering, so I recommend removing make-up by double cleansing: first an oily make-up remover and then a delicate foam, in this This way the'oil will bring greater nourishment to the skin.

In the evening, after cleansing, use of oily serums and creams based on nourishing vegetable oils that soothe and nourish the skin is excellent after a day of exposure to winter conditions.

Once a week it is advisable to use a nourishing and moisturizing mask, night masks that are worn while sleeping are also excellent.

Federica Cosmast

Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden

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