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BonPills: Skincare for sensitive skin

This type of skin is easily recognizable, sometimes even the simple use of tap water triggers clearly visible skin reactions.

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To understand if you also suffer from sensitive skin, do the cleansing test: if the natural redness due cleansing does not decrease but rather increases and if to this is added an annoying itchy sensation, pinching or burning you are in the presence of damaged, sensitive, hyper-reactive skin .

These indications also apply to the treatment of sensitized skin or when, using aggressive treatments such as exfoliating peels too frequently, the skin begins to show its discomfort with obvious redness, itching, burning and overproduction of sebum to defend itself.

Remember that the skin is an organ, the largest we have, and therefore it should never be scrambled to get better results faster, also because this is the result.

So: what to use to treat sensitive skin and what to avoid? Let's see together!

YES - what is good for us
  • Vitamin C which acts in the deepest layers of the skin promoting cell renewal

  • help from the plant world is offered by plants of Calendula, Chamomile, Rose and Aloe Vera

  • use moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid, bisabolol or panthenol

  • the absolute mantra of skin well-being: always use a SPF protection against radiations ultraviolet

  • cleansing shouldn't be aggressive, so don't invent yourself using that detergent “nice, very fragrant that foams a lot". Instead, opt for a delicate oil-based cleanser that respects the skin

  • I recommend the use of thermal and mineral waters which, thanks to their high content of mineral substances, guarantee a soothing action . I know that they give an idea of ​​summer use as a refresher, but in truth they are to be used all all year round especiallyespecially if you have sensitive, dry or impure.

  • look for cosmetics that bear the words "dermatologically tested on sensitive skin"

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NO - what is better to avoid 

  • avoid all cosmetics that contain even the slightest trace of perfume, both natural such as essential oils and synthetic. These may contain allergens that are very annoying for sensitive skin.

  • avoid mechanical scrubbers and chemical exfoliants.

  • avoid make-up not specifically intended for sensitive skin.

Federica Cosmast

Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden

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