bonel botanicals pelle normale cute skincare cosmesi salute guida skincare

Beauty tips for normal skin

If your skin looks healthy and there is no redness, shine and excess sebum or flaking then you are very lucky. Your hydrolipidic film is healthy, you do not suffer from particular skin conditions and you have normal skin.

bonel botanicals pelle normale skincare cosmesi

Here we are, therefore, with the'analysis of the'last skin typology. Normal skin. This type of scalp is not affected by particular skin conditions and for this reason it offers a vast range of treatments based on seasonality or personal preferences.


The products to be used in this case must be aimed at maintaining the optimal characteristics of the leather for a long time.

Normal skin must be kept as it is, therefore it is advisable to correct hydration with molecules such as hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, panthenol, sorbitol. The plant active ingredients that perform amoisturizing activity derive from carob, mallow, barley, lemon and linden plants.

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To maintain the balance of the hydrolipidic barrier bio-mimetic lipids such as ceramides are excellent, also vegetable oils are highly recommended.

Remember to always use a sun protection factor.
As far as chemical exfoliation is concerned, it is better to prefer less aggressive acids such as PHA which have excellent characteristics also in terms of moisturizing power.

Remember to follow a seasonal routine and hearalways your leather, she knows what she needs at all times.

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Avoid theuse of mineral oils which are very occlusive and would not allow proper skin transpiration.

Do not use aggressive treatments such as acid peels too frequently, it is best to do it once a week also taking into account the season in where we are.

trattamenti skincare pelle normale cute cura del viso

Do not overdo the use of essential oils, especially those derived from citrus fruits, which contain photosensitizing molecules.

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