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Elodea: anti-aging cream with Misurina seaweed

For these weeks leading up to Christmas, we have decided to give you some more specific content on natural products Bonel Botanicals.

The 100% made in the Dolomites line that praises the "Mountain Therapy" - niche fragrances and sustainable phytocosmetics that represent an excellent gift or pampering idea for the upcoming holidays.

Today we talk about Elodea face cream: a Revolution in the sector, an innovative and sustainable extract originating from the Misurina lakes which gives the skin a hydration boost with lifting effect.

His secret is the extract of Elodea Canadensis .

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Elodea is an algae that grows in the lakes of Misurina (1. 754 m above sea level L mi) and d'Antorno (1. 866 m above sea level L m) two basins located at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites.  

A real sunken treasure that populates a perfect ecosystem made up of fairytale forests, Dolomite water and air among the pure ones of the Alps. For years, algae have been trivially managed as waste and thrown away because they are considered weeds and unsightly.  

Bonel Botanicals, in full philosophy of circular economy and environmental sustainability, saw great potential in this species and, after careful studies, created an extract functional rich in active ingredients.  

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Elodea extract was officially registered for the first time in the world as a "new cosmetic ingredient" and sanctioned the birth of an entire clean beauty line that will be presented in 2021.

The anti-wrinkle face cream inaugurates the collection and contains the first collection of biomass, which took place before the arrival of winter. In fact, the seaweed spends long months under the frozen blanket of frozen lakes and  puts in place extremely effective cellular protection mechanisms to survive the cold. Mechanisms that translate into active ingredients for skin care - exactly as happens for the microalgae of the lakes of Canada and Alaska which produce antioxidants and Omega3 in self-defense.

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BENEFITS of the Cream Antiage ELODEA

Its restructuring formula, without parabens, protects and hydrates the skin, prevents and treats wrinkles:

  • helps counteract loss of tone
  • increases skin hydration
  • protects against the action of free radicals.

The skin will appear fresher, brighter and more compact overall...trying is believing!

antirughe acido ialuronico lifting botox pelle skincare boost idratazione cosmesi alga

Elodea face cream, in addition to exploiting the best of this aquatic plant, combines other important active substances in its formula, creating a light and nourishing emulsion suitable for all skin types.

Let's therefore go to technically analyze his INCI:

  • Hyaluronic Acid

(Sodium hyaluronate) high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is idealin dermocosmetics as a moisturizer and surface protector.

  • Vitamin E

(Tocopherol) the addition of Vitamin E promotes the antioxidant action, fights free radicals and protects tissues from aging mobile.

  • Shea butter  

(Butyrospermum parkii butter) shea butter is obtained by pressing cocoa beans, melts at body temperature and has an excellent fatty acid profile which gives it emollient properties and nutrients very useful for softening and hydrating the skin, and thanks to the triterpene derivatives it contains, it also has a anti-inflammatory action.  

  • Avocado oil

(Persea gratissima oil) is obtained from the fruit of the plant and is rich in triglycerides, as well as phytosterols and fat-soluble vitamins. Its interesting chemical profile gives it excellent nourishing, restorative and skin-related properties.  

  • Olive oil - unsaponifiable fraction

(Olea europaea oil unsaponifiables) small clarification: by unsaponifiable fraction we mean a complex mixture of lipophilic components (which is part of the oil) with excellent eudermic properties and used in products nutrients dedicated in particular to sensitive, dry and aging skin. The unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil contains phytosterols, fat-soluble vitamins and numerous polyphenols which act as antioxidants.   

Run now to the Shop Bonel Botanicals and discover for yourself the advantages of Elodea!

Federica Cosmast

Dr. Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden




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