essenze per diffusori umidificatori aria pulita casa

The mini ambient essences by Bonel Botanicals

The environmental vaporizers, thanks to their properties and their shapes with a pleasant design, find more and more space in'within our daily lives.

diffusore ambiente casa pulita aria profumata oli essenziali

These small devices help to perfume the'environment by the 'insertion of essential oils inside them and moreover, thanks to the 'emission of water vapour, they restore the correct degree of ambient humidity and make the'cleaner and more breathable air, promoting the well-being of the respiratory tract.

Their aromatherapy benefit depends on the choice of essential oils.

Bonel Botanicals, starting from the three blends of essences included in the room perfumers, has created concentrates that can be used in vaporizers, radiator diffusers or to revive pouts or scented bars.

You can also use them to further embellish the mountain hay bag Bonel Botanicals, where the essences mix with a relaxing smell of fresh hay coming directly from the meadows of the Dolomites, cut and harvested from expert hands according to tradition.

mini essenze ambiente diffusori profumo casa umidificatore

Let's discover them together:


a perfect mix of woody notes of

pine, fir needles and juniper

We have already ascertained how much fir and pine essential oils are appreciated for their balsamic, disinfectant and beneficial properties for the respiratory tract. In addition to the well-being of the respiratory tract, they also contribute to the purification of the'air and the'surrounding environment.

Thejuniper essential oil also promotes concentration and helps reduce nervous tension and states  associated with stress.

The'use of the concentrate during the treatment of flu states, during the winter or in environments that need a touch of freshness is excellent.


a concentrate of balsamic freshness 

with fir, estragonand white flowers 

The perfect union between the balsamic and disinfectant properties of pine and'fir and the noted fizzy and energetic notes of white flowers.

L'essence of white flowers gives a pleasant sensation of joy and light-heartedness, relieving stress and giving a sense of freshness and rebirth.

Excellent for all seasons and for all places in the house, if you want some advice. put a few drops on bags of Bonel Botanicals mountain hay, or on a generic bag, and use them as a perfumer for wardrobes or drawers. every time you open the doors you will feel like you are opening the windows of your chalet in the Dolomites.


a sweet accord between purifying notes of pine,

fir and the essence of honey

the honey scent for aromatherapy boasts balancing, relaxing, calming and anti-stress properties. The smell of honey is pleasant and enveloping and refers to its intrinsic characteristics and its symbolic meaning, the emblem of sweetness. Combined with the other balsamic and resinous notes, the final effect is extremely pleasant.

Excellent if sprayed in the bedroom before going to bed for a sweet and enveloping final cuddle before going to bed.

Federica Cosmast

Dr. Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

"Every woman has the right to be beautiful" - Elizabeth Arden

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