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Environment diffusers: a journey in the Dolomites

Today we're talking about home fragrances by Bonel Botanicals. Smelling these home fragrances is like a journey that takes you through the immense forests with the scent of pine trees and resin that pervades your nostrils giving you a feeling of powerful freedom; to the Dolomite lakes where the smell of water and wet crags mixes with the wind to reach the apotheosis of freshness and finally, as after a beautiful day of hiking or skiing, takes you towards the refuge or chalet where the smell of wood and honey accompanies you at the end of the day and warms your heart.

A journey through nature and in the territory for those who want to relive these sensations again and again from their own home, office or wherever they are... just inhale the fragrances with your eyes closed to be new in the middle of conifers, at the foot of a frozen lake, in the snow or in the heat around a fire.  

Let's see them in detail.

A centuries-old forest with precious woods

somadida diffusore viaggio nelle dolomiti natale 

The Somadida forest is a nature reserve located at the foot of the Dolomites. Its flora is immense and includes Scots pines, larches, birches, mountain pines, stone pines.  

The olfactory notes of this room fragrance are: 

Top Notes: Pine, Snow 
Heart Notes: Fir, Juniper
Base Notes: Woods, Resins


As far as aromatherapy is concerned, the essential oils of Pine and Fir are extremely appreciated for their balsamic and disinfectant properties, for this reason their use is recommended especially in winter or in small rooms .

In pagan traditions, the Fir was the tree symbol of the winter solstice, guardian of light and change. In Nordic cultures, the fir tree is linked to the dichotomy between the beginning and the end: in the cold winter night, the fir tree is the bearer of light and brings confidence in one's journey until the day and light arrive .  

The woody smell for aromatherapy promotes rooting, centering, stability and courage. It helps to face moments of change and gives energy by promoting resilience.  

The essential oil of Juniper promotes concentration and helps to decrease nervous tension and states associated with stress.  

Given its characteristics and its balsamic and woody fragrance, Somadida lends itself very well to being placed in the workplace and anywhere in the home.  

Just close your eyes to be drawn into the Somadida forest and experience the thrill of a day immersed in the cold and nature.  

A blue lake nestled between ice and sky
sorapis cortina natale diffusore ambiente casa profumo acquatico

Lake Sorapis is a delicate jewel. A lake with very blue waters hidden between the ice, the sky and the Dolomite mountains.  

The real spectacle of this body of water are the colours, which go from turquoise to light blue to ice-colored according to the times of the day.  

The lake can only be reached on foot after a short walk through the woods; ideal for leaving stress at home and enjoying life.  

The olfactory notes of this room fragrance are: 

Top Notes: Pine, Snow
Heart Notes: Snowdrops, White Flowers, Fir
Base Notes: Woods


This room diffuser combines the fresh and balsamic notes of fir needles, and all the characteristics listed above, with the fresh and sparkling notes of white flowers and snowdrops.

Snowdrops are small white flowers and their name derives from the fact that they are the first flowers to bloom in spring, literally piercing the snow left over from winter to get out. They are a great symbol of rebirth and a wish for the summer.  

In aromatherapy, white flowers give a pleasant feeling of joy and carefree, relieving stress and giving a sense of freshness and rebirth.  

Because of its fragrant characteristics, Sorapis is excellent in all relaxation areas of the house or environments.  

Just close your eyes to find yourself at the foot of Lake Sorapis, on a fine day, surrounded by the beauty of the Dolomite mountains, with the snow starting to melt and the crisp spring air making its way .  

The famous peaks touched by the sun's rays

 tre cime diffusore ambiente casa miele dolcezza coccola profumo natale

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo are a symbol of the Dolomites spread throughout the world, photographed and admired by many visitors and mountain lovers.  

Those three peaks side by side, isolated from all the others, pure dolomite that emerges from a sea of ​​gravel. The ideal place to better enjoy the spectacle of one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps.

The olfactory notes of this fragrance are: 

Top Notes: Pine, Snow
Heart Notes: Honey, Fir
Base Notes: Woods, Resins


Tre Cime is a perfect harmony between the fresh and balsamic notes of pine and fir, their resins and the sweet note of honey.  

the honey scent for aromatherapy boasts balancing, relaxing, calming and anti-stress properties.  

The smell of honey is pleasant and enveloping and refers to its intrinsic characteristics and its symbolic meaning, the emblem of sweetness. Combined with the other balsamic and resinous notes, the final effect is extremely pleasant.  

Due to its fragrant characteristics, Tre Cime is excellent in the bedroom as well as in all the relaxation areas of the house or in any place we decide, to dedicate a pampering and time alone for us.

Just close your eyes to find yourself in the sweetest moment of the day, the evening... after a day of hard work and cold you arrive in the mountain chalet where you are pervaded by the smell of wood and resin in the heat of a good fire and you sip a good tea filled with honey and the day ends like this ... softly.  

These are the Bonel Botanicals home fragrances and I assure you that they are exciting, harmonious and in full Dolomite style! 

And finally, here are some little tips for you to make the best use of your home fragrances.  

 profumatole ambiente bonel botanicals respira dolomiti casa aroma essenza


The diffuser should be positioned at head height and in the center of the room so, as people pass by, the air moves and the fragrance circulates. For larger rooms it is recommended to have two positioned on the two opposite sides of the room you want to perfume.

When using for the first time, it is necessary to let the wood soak for an hour and then turn it over.

To adjust the intensity of the fragrance, turn all or part of the wood supplied, one or more times a day.



The duration of a fragrance depends on the dimensions of the environment in which it is found, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents which can accelerate evaporation.

Tips to extend the shelf life:

• immerse a smaller number of sticks (eg. 3 wood)

• keep the fragrance away from heat sources


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