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The marketing of niche perfumery

Let's continue our journey into the world of niche perfumery and let's delve into the communication and marketing aspects that have some peculiarities compared to commercial perfumery.

Marketing is the set of techniques and studies that make it possible to define, conceive and design products that respond to the consumer's attention and to adapt them to market demand.
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The'use of marketing in perfumery dates back to 1970; the perfume changes fromthe elitist image, wanted by the company, to the product image accessible to large numbers defined by the marketing department.

Niche perfumery, unlike the commercial one, does not use advertising media, but puts the product first, that is: the niche perfume. So let's see the 3 key points on which its communication is based:

  • IDENTITY - Perfumes must promote themselves thanks to their strong identity, in this sense a great meaning is imprinted on the chosen name, which is the first element of product communication. The name of the niche perfume cannot be trivial or usual but must attract attention and arouse curiosity.


  • DISTRIBUTION - The places to purchase this type of product are not large shopping centres, but small perfumeries where customers do not happen by chance but which already have a very solid background of matter and perfectly know the world of perfumes and their history.


  • CLAIM - Niche perfumes are not distinguished solely by their relationship with other commercial perfumes on the market and by their distribution channel, but by their ability to assert themselves and show its differences that it brings out through the judgment of professionals. The diffusion of the products is limited and presents a more complicated access to the public, therefore the consumer must, at least in part, rely on the expert judgment of the operators in the sector and the press.

It is therefore essential for the niche perfume to establish an intimate relationship with the public and with industry experts, which moves on to oral narration to expand its distribution and its popularity.


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Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

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