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The Breath of the Mountain

Today we want to tell you about a project that is close to our hearts, born right here on the shores of Lake Misurina. It's still small, but the creators are capable of dreaming big and we believe in them and in the value of their proposal.

Here it is Alice and Giorgia, two girls like many, who believe in distant goals achieved in small steps. They are the creators of  The Breath of the Mountain.

 respiro della montagna yoga misurina

Tell us about this project.

The idea is to combine yoga practices with the mountains to bring people closer to the wide open spaces of nature, to the slow rhythms of mountain, to the balance between active and contemplative life. We would like to let people experience the peace that is felt and breathed in front of the peaks. We organize long weekends at the hotel Miralago, in Misurina. We offer outdoor yoga practices, meditative walks, walks at dawn or on the snow always with a view to rediscovering the richness of the area. The invitation is to get back in touch with our body and our interior, detach from everyday life and recover a slower pace.

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Who is your proposal addressed to?

The proposal is open to everyone! A great master said “Anyone can breathe. So anyone can practice yoga.” I would add that the gesture of walking is innate in us as well as being in the midst of nature. So you don't need to be a great yogi or mountaineer, just want to dedicate some time to yourself. 

il respiro della montagna monte piana yoga misurina

Why this name?

The name "breath of the mountain" came out very spontaneously, almost at the same time from both. We were looking for something that evoked the pure air found in the mountains (and even more here in Misurina!) but that at the same time emphasized the importance of breathing, the crux of yoga practice.

How and when did the idea come about?

During the spring 2020 lockdown we both had the good fortune to be in the mountains and to be able, in different ways, to continue practicing yoga. We realized that the environment around us amplified the well-being obtained from the practices and that being in places that reflected the sought-after inner sensations represented an added value.

We thought: “It would be nice if other people could also enjoy this possibility.” We looked into each other's eyes and said: “Why not?”

Upcoming appointments and future projects?

The idea is to continue with this proposal and then... who knows! We still have so many dreams to knead, but like on a mountain path we focus one step at a time. For now we have put on the calendar one date for the end of March (26-27-28), two for June and one for September to be able to explore us and the territory in all seasons and make the most of each of them.

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Where can we follow developments?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and obviously in some episodes here on this blog that hosts us. Thanks Chiara!

For info:  
Alice 347 063 4635 - Giorgia 393 09 00 857

Thank you for your time and good breaths.

alice lazzaro per il respiro della montagna yoga misurina

"And as the seeds dream under the snow, your heart dreams of spring" - Khalil Gibran 

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