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The rebirth of tulips - Introduction to the March edition of "Il Respiro della Montagna"

I planted some tulips a couple of years ago. It was Christmas Eve: a very dear friend of mine had given me the bulbs on her return from a trip to Holland. As soon as I received it, I felt all the joy and all the responsibility derived from that gift. I should have found the time, space and tools to put that precious gift to good use. In the midst of the frenzy that I lived in that period, I set myself the task of finding everything that was needed by those unfortunate bulbs who had been waiting for me for too long and risked sprouting on a garage floor.

bonair misurina il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti tre cime pratica breathe tulipano

I remember that day it was cold, the soil was hard, too clayey, full of stones and weeds to remove: I was in a hurry, trying to make it better, my head was full of thoughts about mine imminent departure, it seemed like I was wasting time, but at the same time I remember how good it felt with my hands in the dirt.

Covered under a layer of new soil, I forgot about them.

At the end of March, here they are: one after the other ten splendid red tulips have grown. I was away from home, in a few months the world had completely changed. We were facing an unknown virus together, however I clearly remember the happiness and emotion in seeing the photos that came to me from home. The beauty of those flowers was a refuge for me: in an instant I understood the importance of dedicating time to them in a hasty day of celebration and how those tulips made me and my family feel good who took care of them. And so last November we decided to replant them.  

bonair misurina il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti tre cime pratica breathe tulipani risveglio primavera

Shortly after that flowering, Alice and I thought of giving life to an idea.  The Breath of the Mountain was planted in difficult terrain, the external conditions were not always favorable and we had to equip ourselves with new tools. Yet, just like those bulbs, this project is already showing its strength, it can't wait to bloom.

March means awakening, it's the perfect time to  listening to each other and gathering all the energy we need to flourish again .

The the first event of 2021 de The Breath of the Mountain it will be right at the end of March. We are well aware that the chosen days are particular, especially for what the mountain experiences in this period, when “ winter and spring mix and expect” (as expressed by Giovanni Zaccaria, a mountain guide close to our project).

bonair misurina il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti tre cime pratica breathe primavera risveglio

Muffled silence still envelops the earth as it prepares for its explosion of scents and colours. Energy is potential, but we must be patient and know how to wait.

The end of March helps us slow down the pace which often moves faster. It's the right time to dedicate some slow time and healthy space, to listen to the seeds that begin to sprout within us.

If you feel the time is right for you then. slow down, join the Breath of the Mountain.  It will be three days to come out of hibernation and accompany your body when you wake up. Walks in the snow, yoga practices in nature, breathing and self-massages will prepare us for spring.

giorgia costenaro il respiro della montagna misurina bonair yoga 

"And as the seeds dream under the snow, your heart dreams of spring"
Khalil Gibran  

For practical information and developments in accordance with the current situation, please write to us at  ilrespirodellamontagna@gmail. com  

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