The basics: mini-guide to skin characteristics

And your skin type? 

To understand the characteristics of your skin, it must be analyzed after cleansing, after waiting about an hour, without applying any cream or serum. The waiting time allows the skin to correct any post-detention redness on its own. The T-zone, that is, the nose, forehead and chin region, is the indicator for understanding the well-being of the skin.

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Combination skin 

If the skin on your face is dull and only the T-zone is oily and shiny then your skin type is most likely combination skin. 

Oily skin 

On the other hand, if the whole face, including the T zone, appears shiny, oily and we can perceive excess sebum, then the skin type is oily . The latter condition is often associated with the presence of open (blackhead) or closed (whitehead) comedones due to the accumulation of sebum. 

Sensitive skin 

If the natural redness due to cleansing does not decrease but rather increases and if an annoying itching sensation or tingling or burning sensation is added to this we find in the presence of the tell-tale signs of sensitive skin. This type of skin is easily recognisable, sometimes even the simple use of tap water triggers clearly visible skin reactions. 

Dry skin 

The annoying sensation of "tight skin" associated with areas of flaking or cracking are the typical characteristics of lack of water in the tissues.

In our skin, water is the main component and in its deep layers the water content in the cell is about 70%. There are two factors that allow water to remain inside and not evaporate outside: a barrier formed by surface lipids (fats) which block the evaporation of water and proteins which are able to bind free water molecules to prevent evaporation, together they form the hydrolipidic film. As soon as the well-being of this physiological barrier is affected, there is a loss of water from the underlying layers of the epidermis and you can therefore observe the indicators of dry skin.

Normal skin 

If you don't find yourself in any of the categories just described and you don't find redness, shine and excess sebum or flaking on your skin then you are very lucky. Your hydrolipidic film is healthy, you do not suffer from particular skin conditions and you have normal skin. 

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