lavanda olio essenziale capelli grassi, lenitivo e calmante

Lavender essential oil

Essential oils, aromatherapy and plants in general play a very important role in cosmetics, let's take for example a well-known and easily available plant such as Lavender (Lavandula L.)

Used since the times of the ancient Romans, who used it in baths and saunas as perfumed water, it can be found in many forms: essential oil, hydrolate, hydroglyceric extract, oily extract or even dry extract . The most used part are undoubtedly the splendid flowers with a characteristic colour.

The active molecule contained in the plant, especially in the essential oil, is ursolic acid to which the numerous beneficial activities of lavender are attributed, which is used especially as antimicrobial for the treatment of impure skins, moreover the essential oil is often used as a soothing agent to alleviate many skin problems of various kinds such as sunburn, shaving etc.

Exploiting the antimicrobial properties of ursolic acid, lavender extracts are used in shampoos suitable for oily hair.

On an emotional level, lavender gives peace to the mind and heart, rebalances the nervous system and harmonizes emotional states.

Federica Cosmast

Dott.ssa Federica D'Incà - COSMAST Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology

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