Racconti dalla prima edizione - Il Respiro della Montagna

Tales from the first edition - The Breath of the Mountain

It was a Friday.
We all had a day of work behind us and the last few things to pack into our suitcases. Of the way to go to reach the lake.
A mixture of emotions wakes you up in the morning: joy at a wait that would soon be resolved, surprise at what you don't know.
Misurina welcomes Il Respiro della Montagna with a strange gloomy face: it hides its mountains, but reveals the good heart of those who live there.
We all meet bringing a smile: shy, open, sincere, fearful.
Then with practice a fire lights up and makes us a group.
The rain invites us to stay inside, and it is from here that we want to start, from within us.

"I looked deep inside my body, and I found a mountain, the highest peak hidden by fog and clouds, I found a river flowing day and night to the sea, I found a galaxy that moves silently, with millions of stars.

Thich Nhat Hanh 

il respiro della montagna mountain yoga brethe bonair misurina aria mindfulness evento

Saturday surprises.  
When we wake up we press our noses against the window. Snow. Everything is covered in pristine soft snow! In the woods two deer seem to welcome us and from the top of Monte Piana the 360° landscape leaves us speechless. We fill our eyes with wonder and enjoy this fragile and precious gift: Silence.

"When the mind is in its natural state, it returns spontaneously
to silence after each experience, or, better to say,
every experience stands out against the background of silence. "
Nisargadatta Maharaj

 il respiro della montagna mountain yoga brethe bonair misurina aria mindfulness evento

Sunday morning is dark.
Go out before the sun. To welcome us an icy air and a sky of shining stars: a clear morning is expected. Go up to Lake Antorno. The mats are on the frozen grass, while the buds begin to turn pink.
We don't need many words, a deep gratitude opens up in us.

"The beauty of life
there is
also this morning
and sip 
the first rays of light
as if it were
a miraclecolo. "
Edith Pearlman 

il respiro della montagna mountain yoga brethe bonair misurina aria mindfulness evento

And when the sun comes out, it warms up our whole body. We breathe.
We breathe in accord with the mountain, in accord with ourselves and with the mountain within us.
Feet slowly kiss Mother Earth and we are simply Here and Now. Who said you can only meditate while sitting.  

"We are feet looking for shoes, until we understand
how beautiful it is walking barefoot on the grass. "
Ivan Nossa

In a nutshell, here is the short story of what was the first edition of Respiro della Montagna. For us it was a beautiful experiment, a path born timidly from a simple idea, which we then cradled, raised, modified.

It is trust.  
If you don't know where to start, try to remember your goal, look in your pockets and you will surely find the tools to take at least one step that will bring you closer.
If you believe it, try it: try to look closer.
We hope to be able to look closer and closer without losing sight of our goal.

Good breaths!

giorgia costenaro il respiro della montagna misurina bonair yoga 

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