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Dreaming together: arms, legs, heart, brain and belly of “Il Respiro della Montagna”

Alice has a serene and smiling face, a welcoming gaze and a sincere voice.
Giorgia is as you see it: sincere, genuine, practical.

bonair misurina il respiro della montagna dolomiti yoga aria pura chiara bonel alice lazzaro giorgia costenaro

Together they are the mind and soul of a project dreamed in silence. Different parts of the same body: both pulsate in the heart, Giorgia moves arms and legs to get everything needed by Alice, who animates belly and brain.

In a slender and small body Giorgia encloses a strength and tenacity that you don't expect; everything they think about her doesn't suit her becomes a new goal for her, a challenge to try at least once.

Solid, flexible, powerful Alice has a sculpted body, a beautiful body of constancy and training: she looks like a tree that every day becomes a little more firm on its roots and mobile on her branches.

bonair misurina il respiro della montagna dolomiti yoga aria pura chiara bonel alice lazzaro giorgia costenaro

Both have lived in the mountains since they were little, accompanied on the trails by their dads: some on adventures, some for fun; those with more technique and expertise.

 Giorgia education ranges from classical to fine arts as well as her work experiences vary from education to tourism. Precise down to the details, she is a multitasking woman: you can see her rushing through the day's commitments, calmly listening to your problem, publishing a scheduled post and then closing everything and completely immersing herself in yoga practice to find new energy and inspiration.  

bonair misuina giorgia costenaro alice lazzaro il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti aria

For more than 10 years Alice she has been practicing yoga, she approaches it with curiosity when she is still in high school and since then she has not goes further away. She became a yoga teacher and graduated with the Italian Yoga Federation, the oldest and most prestigious active school in Italy and now attends the Advanced Training Course in Educational Yoga in schools at the University of Padua. It does the same with the mountains: it is not satisfied with being a spectator, but it deepens and studies with patience until it becomes a protagonist alongside them.  He travels on different continents walking and climbing different peaks in the Alps, the Andes, the Caucasus and the Himalayas, always looking for a relationship simple and intimate with the mountain.

bonair misuina giorgia costenaro alice lazzaro il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti aria

Two different people, but with the same spark in their eyes: convinced that a breath can really make a difference.

Let's get to know them a little better: 

Do you collect anything?

A: I don't define myself as a collector. but some stones literally call me. and when I travel I can't help but put some in my pocket. At home, however, I have a weakness (some would call it a problem) with glass jars. I love them! I would never throw them away, I keep them and am always looking for new ways to reuse them.

G: I like to keep sheets with some notes, tickets for exhibitions and cinemas and events, strange objects found on the floor: buttons, acorns, stones, anything that intrigues me!


What is the best way to start the day?

A: Open wide the windows and greet the sun. A cup of hot tea and an awakening yoga practice.

G: After the alarm goes off, I wait a little longer in the warmth of the blankets! Then I get up with energy and wash my face with fresh water! A cup of coffee, a thousand and a thousand biscuits and we start running!


How different was your life a year ago?

A: Actually not that much different! I lived in the mountains, I practiced yoga trying to focus on the present because future prospects were (as they are) very uncertain.

G: From year to year my life has always been a constant change, but the last year seems to give time to build some balance after my sudden move to the Dolomites.


The dish you could never give up?

A: Not a particular dish. but chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is sometimes necessary for me!

G: Pasta with tomato sauce, not just any pasta, but spaghetti! With lots of oil and a little basil leaves. I could eat insane amounts of it without ever getting tired!


If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?

A: That smell of freshly hung laundry in the sun that mixes with mum's cake in the oven.

G: Boiled chicken and rosemary. The first was a must for lunch with my grandparents: I chewed slowly while listening to a story told by a patient grandmother. The aroma of rosemary that I used to climb over to reach my grandfather in his garden remained on my legs and I felt it strongly every time I crouched down looking for some ripe tomatoes. Sometimes crouching I still feel it.

alice lazzaro per il respiro della montagna yoga misurina

giorgia costenaro il respiro della montagna misurina bonair yoga 

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