Pio XII fiaccolata federasma fiaccolanna bonel misurina

Torchlight vigil to reopen Pius XII. In memory of Anna, Federasma is organizing a symbolic event in Misurina on 25 February

In silence, without many explanations, in December the last patients of the treatment center were discharged, the lights inside the institution went out, leaving many families in despair. That turn of the keys marked the defeat for all those who received welcome and health from Pius XII.  

The torchlight procession of friendship scheduled for Saturday 25 February will be called "FiaccolANNA". Many will travel to Misurina to gather around the symbol of Hope for those suffering from asthma in Italy. The event is organized in memory of Anna - 17 years old, who was waiting for hospitalization at the Misurina centre. “ You don't die of asthma ” they said to her family; a few days later, for Anna, the last breath.  

Pio XII fiaccolata federasma fiaccolanna bonel misurina

Federasma and Allergie ODV together with patients, their families, former guests and the many friends of the facility will be present in order to thank them for what they have received, with the hope that the facility will reopen soon and continue his journey of care and rehabilitation of childhood asthma. Because it's not too late, because one shouldn't die of asthma.

The maximum number of people who can participate is 180. "The route starts from Baita Misurina: we will form a procession of lights that will cross the road along the lake to get to the structure", he explains  Sara Lazzari, a former patient who is now a mountaineer and blogger who has been fighting for months on the front line against the closure of the treatment centre.

The highlight foresees a symbolic embrace to Pius XII. There where so many children have found life again, in the darkness of closed windows and doors, we will rekindle the light with our torches and our souls who still hope for a new rebirth for the Institute, the medical team and its patients.

Bonel Misurina will be at the side of this event as an official partner, supporting the cause and giving maximum support.

Lake Misurina 25/02/2023 - Program

  • 3.00 pm meeting of the participants 
  • 17:30 torchlight procession with the support of the guides Dolomiti Beat
  • 18:30 end of the event

The torchlight procession is reserved for a maximum of 180 participants, compulsory registration on the Federasma website: Click here

With the patronage of the Municipality of Auronzo di Cadore

Pio XII fiaccolata federasma fiaccolanna bonel misurina

For further information: Federasma and Allergies - misurina@federasmaeallergie.org - Roberta Giachetti cell . 353 448 2365

Chiara Bonel for Bonel Misurina

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