il respiro della montagna yoga aria misurina bonel chiara bonair

I'll tell you a dream: The Breath of the Mountain

Eyes open, I spread my arms, I inhale the fresh air through my nostrils.

I close my eyes, my arms follow the force of gravity, I exhale feeling emptier inside, lighter. Thoughts leave with the last bit of air from the lungs. I leave room for sensations, images, sounds, scents of my present around me.

Here I am, I feel all with my physical presence, my active muscles, my little flaws, my unique posture. I give new meaning to my being in front of the mountains, walking barefoot through the woods, concentrating fully on the step I'm taking.

I feel small and immense. Immensely grateful.

I reflect on this crystalline lake that bears the fragments of a legend on its bottom: it is right under the waters of Lake Misurina that the remains of the mirror rest that knew how to reveal the true and deepest desires of anyone who mirrored themselves.

A small wish, a dream born on these shores has taken shape, to validate the magical qualities that legend attributed to the mirror.

This dream changes, it transforms like all living things, following the calls of the moment, the rhythms of the season, intuition, the people who take part in it.

We play with this dream, we take it very seriously, we experiment, we question ourselves, we learn, we shape ourselves with it.

il respiro della montagna yoga dolomiti benessere chiara bonel bonair misurina

The Breath of the Mountain means taking care of yourself with attention, humility and without judgement.

Taking hands and accompanying each other to a beautiful place, one that is good for the soul.

Have the courage to set out on a journey, toil a little of that genuine sweat that helps us eliminate what we have accumulated in excess.

Follow our rhythms and try to tune them to those of the seasons, feeling part of a greater Whole that vibrates harmoniously.

Give space to our Body: awaken it, activate it, strengthen it, stretch it, loosen it, relax it, feel it in all its wonderful imperfection.

Focusing on the Breath as a common thread between the external and internal worlds, listening to it, interpreting it, modifying it to make it our ally.

Silence the Mind for a while with all that work of thoughts that constantly accompany us to celebrate the gift of silence.

Welcoming the group, making a contribution, listening, sharing time, yoga practices, excursions, reflections, meditative walks, meals, spontaneous laughter, deep tears, beauty.

The beauty that we all are and that we know how to create together.

This dream comes to life again this year.

We look forward to seeing you in just under two weeks, on 18.19.20 March and then in April, 8.9.10 April.

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alice lazzaro per il respiro della montagna yoga misurina

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