BONFACE - DAY 17:  Coccola al Viso con "Il Respiro della Montagna"

BONFACE - DAY 17: Pamper your face with "The Breath of the Mountain"

A cuddle on the face, the portal of emotions.

In February in the mountains it is cold. The second month of the year offers clear skies of an intense blue color, copious snowfalls and clouds that run fast dragged by the wind. The days are getting longer and the body enjoys the warmth, still unexpected, given by the sun.

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Yet winter still dominates in us. The energies are preserved within, we often feel tired and lethargic, our body is numb, our mind dulled, our spirits a bit low.

So what to do? Let's not despair.

Nature reminds us that nothing blooms all year round. We are part of something bigger, within continuous cycles of life, death and rebirth. Just as the seed under the snow patiently waits for the right moment to blossom in all its beauty, we too learn to wait confidently and to love even the hardest moments.

In yoga the breath is connecting bridge  between our body and our inner self. It changes when we are angry, agitated, happy: we can say that it is the voice of our emotions. Fortunately, the relationship is two-way: by acting on the breath we can also indirectly intervene on our emotional state.

It is from this awareness that the part of yoga called  pranayama, i.e. the exercises of control and direction of the  <, is born. t63>prana, the universal energy, indispensable for life.

bonface massaggio viso montagna terapia il respiro della montagna prana respirazioen yoga bonair misurina

Just like breathing, our face plays an important connecting role between what we we are and the environment we relate to. Facial mimicry is a privileged means of the most subtle emotional expression. For yogis, by intervening on mimicry we can create a certain corresponding emotion in the psyche.

We can try to take a few minutes (3 are enough!) to neutralize the face, i.e. relax all its parts.

Try with us, listening to the audioguide or reading = ) 

We close our eyes and pay attention
lips, chin, jaw.
Let's go up towards the forehead, passing through the ears.
Let's focus on the eyeballs, light eyelids,
we descend with awareness along the nose to finally return
to the mouth, to the entire oral cavity, to the tongue lying relaxed.
We try to perceive all these parts of us
pausing on each one for 10/12 seconds and,
consciously, with the help of exhaling, we relax them.
By repeating this exercise 2/3 times with closed eyes, we will induce
an emotional relief that will make us feel calm and peaceful.

On the coldest and most bitter days of winter we like to light the fireplace and sip hot tea, as if it were a cuddle. Why don't we try to pamper our face on days when our soul is gloomy? Almost as if it were a caress that touches us deeply.  

Il Respiro della Montagna will organize an event at the end of March in Misurina where, together with yoga practices in nature and high-altitude walks, you will have the splendid opportunity to practice self-massages. It will be a great way to start making contact with your body, starting from what we have available in the here and now.

il respiro della montagna misurina yoga benessere olistico massaggio viso pratica respiro

How can we give care, love and attention to others if we don't reserve them first of all for ourselves?

On this occasion, Chiara Bonel, with her experience in the holistic massage technique, will guide us in her facial self-massage , a privileged gateway to our inner space.

Thanks for your time and good breaths.

Sand you want to know more about "The Breath of the Mountain" read —> HERE and follow us on the pages Facebook e Instagram.

For info: ilrespirodellamontagna@gmail. com  
Alice 347 063 4635 - Giorgia 393 09 00 857

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"And as the seeds dream under the snow, your heart dreams of spring" - Khalil Gibran 

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