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BONFACE - DAY 8: the spoon massage!

Here we are at second week of BONFACE bootcamp!

IFirst of all, I want to know how you feel. how did you find yourself following the videos that, day after day, made you get to know your face in a different way.

I imagine you are starting to notice particulars of your face before unknown and that you are approaching your face and your image with a new awareness.

Today I have prepared a surprise for you, an easy massage with amazing results. It is the Massage with Spoon devised by the German cosmetologist René Koch.

Do you know why the spoon massage technique is called that? Because to perform it you use two normal metal spoons, a simple treatment as anticipated, designed to be done comfortably at home!

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The benefits of this massage are truly many:

  • FACE more elastic and toned
  • SKIN more oxygenated
  • Loss of LIQUIDS in excess


  1. First of all cleanse your skin well
  2. Disinfect the 2 spoons with alcohol
  3. Take the spoons and place their  convex part on your face.
  4. Massage your face following the LANGER LINES.

linee langer lines viso face spoon massage massaggio cucchiaio

The maneuvers vary according to individual needs and go from lightly brushing and sliding, with a draining effect, to tapping and light tapping, with a toning action.



This metal boasts antioxidant and antiseptic properties which, according to the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, they promote the energy flow in the tissues, rebalancing the cellular functionality.


Take two spoons and immerse one in water and ice, the other in hot oil (for the choice of ideal oil for your skin read my article).  

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The technique is simple: you have to repeatedly alternate the two spoons: the cold one and the hot one. The temperature variation stimulates the microcirculation helping to oxygenate the tissues of your skin. In this way you will obtain a draining effect and you will release all tension.

After this massage, wash your face with warm water.


This incredible massage is very effective in keeping the skin toned, radiant and young for longer and takes just 10 minutes a day. So click the following video BONFACE 8/28 and try your hand at spoon massage! = )

For an optimal result, you can repeat it for 10 consecutive days, interrupt it for another 10 and then resume it.

What do you think of this spoon massage, are you thinking of trying it? If you try it, leave a comment sharing the results you got with us.

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Chiara Bonel - Natural entrepreneur & holistic-sports massage technician

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